Did US Election Polls Fail Again?

Louis Lo

What’s often missing from discussions of the reliability of polls is the social atmosphere in the United States and polling methodology.


Taiwan Deserves Better Than Modi’s Nationalism

Nicole-Ann Lobo

International solidarity is crucial in Taiwan’s struggle for autonomous recognition, but the country is unlikely to find an ally truly committed to democratic ideologies in India’s government.


Why Taiwan Is Still Safe

Jenny Li

The concerns that a Biden presidency portends the end of Taiwan are misplaced.


What’s Behind Taiwanese Support for Trump?

Roy Ngerng

There’s not much that Taiwan can do about China’s threat. But the government can address the economic and social sources of insecurity.


US Election 2020 Live Results


The 2020 US presidential election will be held on Tuesday, November 3. See the live results and candidate positions on cross-strait policy.


Trump, First Lady Test Positive for Covid-19

Voice of America

President Trump tested positive after months of playing down the seriousness of Covid-19.


US Judge Halts Government Ban on TikTok

Voice of America

The Trump administration wants TikTok and WeChat removed from app stores.


US Judge Halts Ban on Wechat Downloads

Deutsche Welle

A federal judge delayed the Trump administration's ban hours before it was due to take effect, citing concerns over free speech. Owned by Chinese tech giant TenCent, WeChat has around 19 million active daily users in the United States.


A Biden Presidency and the US–South Korea Alliance

The Interpreter

Can Joe Biden, if elected, heal the rift between the two countries, or will he make it worse?


How Trump and Biden Differ on Taiwan

Brian Hioe

No matter who wins in November, the U.S.-Taiwan relationship will remain a relationship of convenience.

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