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It Might Be Plastic Fantastic, but Barbie Lends Cartoonish Credibility To China’s Nine-Dash Line

The Interpreter

The film Barbie has caused controversy in Southeast Asia for showcasing China's “nine-dash line” claim in the South China Sea, which was ruled invalid in international tribunal, back in 2016.


Let’s Really Talk About Slavery and Cotton

Dr. Bonny Ling

In recent months, international attention has mounted on cotton and China, but this is not the first time that the country has intersected with the complicated and entangled global history of slavery and its abolition.


What Is Taiwan’s Legal Status According to International Law, Japan, and the US?

Li Kua-teng

Legally, Taiwan is a piece of territory that was "never returned" properly. What roles have Japan and the United States played historically?


Did the UN Redefine 'Hate Speech' over a Singaporean Blogger?

Edward White

Singapore’s trial of a controversial blogger has led to a new standard for ‘hate speech,' an organization says.


Taiwan and China Fisheries vs. International Law

Olivia Yang

With China appearing to turn a blind eye to international fishing regulations, how can Taiwan, which is under constant EU scrutiny, improve its fishing industry?


Torture of Vietnamese Prisoners of Conscience Exposed

Olivia Yang

'They told me that I would die in prison, that I would die in that cell and my family would never know.'

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