STUDY: Culture a Major Barrier to Digitizing Asia's Fashion Factories

AsiaGlobal Online

A study on a factory in Thailand shows how with the right corporate culture, digitization can empower textiles workers.


A Year-Round Guide to Taipei Design Events

TNL 編輯

Design events have become a new phenomenon for Taipei locals. From fashion to handcrafted goods, the city is far from short of artsy affairs.


Black Teeth: How Vietnam's Hottest Beauty Regimen Went from Vogue to Obscurity


Once the hallmark of youthful beauty in Vietnam, nowadays dyeing one’s teeth black is a dying custom that can only be spotted in the country’s oldest generation.

Dumile Dlamini & Tivamile Dlamini, founders of LIHIYA.

Cross-Cultural Ambassador: Swaziland Sisters’ Fashion Dream

Beyonder Times

When African culture meets Austronesian culture in fashion, what kind of sparks will you expect? LIHIYA might give you some clues.


When High-Class Ladies Wore Masks that Made It Impossible to Speak

Eric Grundhauser

In the 16th century, avoiding a sunburn meant being mute and looking super creepy.


Why Localization Is Essential for Chinese Fashion to Go Global

Nina Huang

The case of Taoray Wang shows how a lack of foreign market expertise can hinder the growth of designer brands in China.


UNIQLO Hijab: Giving Taiwan's Muslims Choices in Mainstream Apparel

Shuhei Omi

Taiwan’s Islamic community has welcomed the move by UNIQLO to supply 'modest fashion' in Taiwan, including the hijab.


Taiwan Fashion Label Goes to Paris

Kathy Cheng

An online-only boutique producing fashion at a studio in Taoyuan, Taiwan, has appeared in fashion publications like and British Vogue.


Zara, H&M, Gap Suppliers Abuse Chinese Workers: Report

Edward White

An undercover investigation shows that workers at Chinese factories supplying major fast-fashion labels face low wages, excessive overtime, and unsafe working conditions despite the labels’ claims to having ethical supply chains.

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