Nathan Law


Bounties on Exiled Hong Kong Activists Show the Ambitious Reach of China’s Political Repression

The Conversation

Offering bounties of HK$1 million each, the Hong Kong national security police issued arrest warrants for eight exiled pro-democracy activists, who now live in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom, extending its political repression globally.


US Activist Accused of Breaching HK's Security Law Says He Will Not Back Down

Voice of America

Samuel Chu, a pro-democracy activist and an American citizen, is the first foreign national targeted by Hong Kong's national security law.


Macau Elections Suggest Lessons for Hong Kong

Suzanne Pepper

Recent election results from Macau, itself a special administrative region of China like Hong Kong, showed an upswell in support for pro-democracy, anti-establishment candidates.


BREAKING: Hong Kong Jails 'Political Prisoners' Wong, Law and Chow

Edward White

Joshua Wong, Alex Chow and Nathan Law are being described as Hong Kong’s ‘first political prisoners’ after being sent to prison for actions in the days before the 2014 Umbrella Movement.


Hong Kong By-Elections Now Loom as Critical Test for Democracy Movement

Edward White

A court decision today paves the way for a series of by-elections that may prove critical for the future of Hong Kong’s democracy movement.


Joshua Wong on Documentary "Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower"

Cinema Escapist

Cinema Escapist caught up with Wong to get his thoughts on the recent documentary and its broader socio-political context.


No End in Sight for China's Political Purges in Hong Kong?

Brian Hioe

There is really no going back for Beijing now that it has decided to fundamentally overturn Hong Kong’s system of government.


Young 'Anti-Beijing' Activists Gain Power in HK LegCo Elections

Olivia Yang

Preliminary results show pro-democracy candidates have won 19 of the 35 directly elected legislative seats. Nathan Law has become the youngest legislator in Hong Kong history.


Hong Kong Umbrella Leaders Defiant Despite Guilty Verdicts

Edward White

Hong Kong authorities’ prosecution of three student leaders sends a chilling warning for freedom of expression and peaceful assembly in Hong Kong, Amnesty International says.

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