Abao Shatters Boundaries in Taiwan's Mainstream Music Scene

every little d

Abao, a Paiwanese singer, reinterprets traditional folk songs with contemporary arrangements, creating something different from the usual Mandopop.


Roots of Life and Music in Yilan

Luke Hein

Jipo, a sheng player from Yilan County in Taiwan, forsook a career in the capital to make music with his community.


A Guide to LGBT Hotspots in Taipei

Jennifer Creery

Jennifer Creery takes a look at some iconic LGBT community spaces in Taipei.


A Future for Shoegaze in China

Matthew Walsh

In China’s wealthy eastern cities, interest in dissonant, challenging rock music is at an all-time high.


Chinese Video Sharing Platform Stars Bypass China’s Fame Machine

Ni Dandan

The video-sharing platform gives rise to fan-made celebrities and a growing offline Anime, Comic and Games (ACG) community.


'Blondie of China' on the Future of Music

Kenrick Davis

The Nova Heart frontwoman talks about commercialization, community and China’s music culture.


Keeping China’s Soundscape in Check: Censorship in Chinese Popular Music

Hon-Lun Yang

Music, once seen as the embodiment of dynastic power in feudal China and used as propaganda since 1949, is closely monitored.


Behind the Beat in China: Indie Music, Festivals and the Performance Economy

Anthony Fung

Music sales no longer constitute the major source of revenue for musicians and record companies, particularly for indie bands. Instead, the music industry in China depends largely on live performances.


China and the Future of Music Streaming

Robert Lyons

Given the improving IP environment, the adoption of subscription streaming, and robust mobile consumption, the music streaming landscape in China may offer a glimpse into the future.

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