A Taiwanese boy wears a slogan reading "Stop the 4th Nuclear Power Plant. Give Power Back to People," during a protest against the construction of Taiwan's fourth nuclear power plant to be completed i

Reactivating Controversial Nuclear Site Not an Option: Tsai

Bryan Chou

The controversy over Taiwan's fourth nuclear power plant resurfaced due to a construction plan for a liquified natural gas terminal.


Fukushima 10 Years On

TNL Staff

Few earthquakes leave scars in the environment and society that are felt 10 years on. Not, however, for the disaster that struck Fukushima on March 11, 2011.


Japan Marks a Decade Since Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

Deutsche Welle

Environmental groups say the crippled nuclear plant’s decommissioning effort is hopeless. Some local people fear it is not safe to return to communities that were beneath the radioactive plume.


Get Ready for Unification: South Korea's Looming 'Berlin Wall' Moment

'The consequences of Korean unification, while important in economic terms, can also have far-reaching consequences for the political and strategic relationships among Asian nations as well as the international order.'


China's New Point Man on North Korea Faces Uphill Battle

Kerry Brown

'Never before has North Korea been more troubling, its nuclear program seemingly more successful than anyone suspected, and the country well on the way, under the maverick young leader Kim Jong-un, to being able to deliver nuclear-loaded ballistics to US assets,' writes Kerry Brown.


North Korea's Rudimentary Nuclear Command-and-Control Systems are Dangerous

Andrew O'Neil

Nuclear war would be a disaster for the North Korean people and would almost certainly lead to the destruction of the Kim Jong-un regime.


Can South Korea's 'Dream Team' Make Ground on North Korean Crisis?

Leif-Eric Easley

Inter-Korean rapprochement is a worthy pursuit, but the Moon administration is right not to sacrifice UN resolutions and US alliance coordination in the process.


Turn to Eastern Thinking to Heal the India-China Border Trauma and Avoid Nuclear Tension

L.H.M. Ling

India and China could re-conceive and resolve their simmering border disputes by casting aside traditional power politics and drawing on their shared heritage, L.H.M Ling writes.

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