Cambodia's Hun Sen Cracks Down on Press Ahead of Elections

Milton Osborne

So while the CPP rails against its ‘enemies’ and seeks to redress the balance of youth support that was evident in the 2013 elections, it has to confront what still seems the unlikely possibility that next year it could lose.


Reporter Criticized after River Water Stunt in China

Oiwan Lam

In a highly criticized stunt, a Chinese reporter drinks river water to prove It's clean.


Taiwanese Prodigy, 13, Sets New Record for Youngest Admitted to New York University

Central News Agency

The 13-year-old wants to devote himself to the research of rare diseases.


Agenda Setting in China is Not Always Run by the Party

Ya-Wen Lei

Ultimately, the future of China’s contentious public sphere is unclear, but it will almost certainly be shaped by multiple actors, intersecting processes, and perhaps even some unintended consequences — just as its emergence was.


Singapore's ‘Fake News’ Claim Used to Censor Free Press

Kirsten Han

‘If we want to guard ourselves against fake news, we’re going to have to do more to boost our bullshit detectors. That can’t be achieved by increasing criminalization and legal action.’


Media Power: China’s Latest Attempt to Win Friends and Influence People

Terry Flew

Engaging in global soft power competition does not come cheaply to China.

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