Researchers Begin Trials of Covid-19 Nasal Spray Vaccine

Voice of America

Australia approves the development of a new Covid-19 vaccine which attacks the virus as it enters the body.


OPINION: Duterte Bets on Chinese Corporates over Locals with Boracay Shutdown

Michael Beltran

President Duterte's order to close Boracay rides roughshod over local business and indigenous rights.


OPINION: Thailand's Special Economic Zones Fail to Deliver

Once viewed as a panacea, SEZs are unlikely to succeed in driving new investments in Thailand.

Homeless man

Homeless Take Shelter in China’s 24-Hour Bookstore

Guo Quanzhi

As rents soar, the city’s homeless, ‘hukou’-less and house poor find refuge between the shelves of a bookstore in China.


Will Special Economic Zones Work for Myanmar?

Than Tun & Trevor Wilson

Than Tun and Trevor Wilson dive into the challenges and opportunities SEZ's have for Myanmar.


Beijing’s Schools for Migrants Face Demolition amid Urban Restructuring

Yuan-Ming Chiao

Strict residency laws make it difficult for migrants from other parts of China to be enrolled in public municipal schools in Beijing. Now their special schools are under threat.


Road to Oblivion: How a Highway Threatens Tigers in India

Rachel Fritts

A proposal to upgrade a road into a highway in Corbett National Park has conservationists deeply worried for the region’s 300 Bengal tigers.


Vietnam is Churning Out 300 New Startups a Day

Linh Tong

Vietnam has seen almost 40,000 new startups with a total registered investment of US$17 billion in the first four months of 2017 alone.


Here's What China Can Teach Us About Poverty

Yuen Yuen Ang

Directed improvisation is a hybrid management model that combines top-down direction with bottom-up improvisation.


China’s One-Way Trade Street

Tristan Kenderdine

Rather than a regional trade agreement, China’s Belt and Road strategy is an extension of Beijing’s economic policy in foreign lands, Tristan Kenderdine writes.

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