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Taiwan, UK Expand On Bilateral Trade Partnership 

TNL Staff

The deepening economic and trade relations between the UK and Taiwan is highly beneficial as Taiwan seeks to gain access to the CPTPP.


Artificial Intelligence: The Regulatory Race To Ensure A Democratic Future

The Interpreter

Bletchley Park, the historic site of Alan Turing's groundbreaking work during World War II, is now hosting a global summit on AI safety. This comes as concern grows about the risks and potential dangers of advanced AI.


In Taiwan, Liz Truss Calls For ‘Economic NATO’ to Counter China

TNL Staff

She also recommended the immediate closure of Confucius Institutes in the U.K., which could be replaced by institutions from Hong Kong and Taiwan.


Trolling of Female Asian Journalists on Rise as Beijing Seeks to Discredit Media

Voice of America

In the eyes of the Beijing, it’s viewed as especially unforgivable if women are perceived as betraying China, a journalist says.


Can China Win Back Global Opinion Before the Winter Olympics? Does It Even Want To?

The Conversation

China’s international image was already at its lowest level in years in many western countries. How will Beijing respond with the Olympics only weeks away?


Will UK Hong Kong Immigration Program Trigger an Exodus?

Deutsche Welle

Millions of Hong Kong residents are eligible for a fast-track U.K. citizenship program. Two young emigrants said escaping the long arm of Beijing is worth the struggle of starting over in a foreign country.


Pedestrian Nightmare: Can Taiwan Draw Inspiration from the UK's Walkways?

Songshan Charles

There's a method to the madness of the United Kingdom's complex hierarchy of pedestrian crossings. Can Taiwan learn from it?


Should the Five Eyes Coordinate on Chinese Tech Investment?

John Hemmings

We need to be realistic about Beijing’s own industrial goals and objectives and the nature of its investment strategy, writes John Hemmings.

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