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Interwoven with Banks: Shadow Banking in China

Matthew Phan

Deposit rate liberalization in China was a big step forward but the country still has work to do in improving transparency, loss-bearing and risk pricing in the financial system.


China Returns to ‘Bird in the Cage’ Economic Policy

Tristan Kenderdine

Short-term policy changes in 2017 China will have lasting consequences for the greater Asia Pacific long-term economic forecast.


Crony Capitalism and Fragmented Authoritarianism in China’s SOE Reforms

Paul Hubbard

‘Fragmented authoritarianism’ and state ownership in China.


The Lengthening Shadow of China’s Banking Sector

Sara Hsu

China's shadow banking sector will continue to grow in a climate that is failing to integrate market forces into financial products.


China’s Great Wall of Debt

As China's carousel of credit goes around, observers may interpret the system to be one happy affair. Until the wheels come off.


BOOK REVIEW: 'The Hidden Wealth of Nations: The Scourge of Tax Havens'

Antonio De Vito

In 'The Hidden Wealth of Nations: The Scourge of Tax Havens,' Gabriel Zucman makes a provocative argument about the large-scale evasion of taxes as well as how to tackle this global issue. Antonio De Vito highly recommends this concise, nontechnical and clearly argued book to everyone interested in understanding how the international financial system is making illegal use of tax havens.


'Frenzonomics' and China's Property Bubble

Chublic Opinion

China's property boom: The prospect of a spectacular crash in the fashion of the stock market last year is scary. To many people a market that continues to rally looks more fearsome.


Quizzed by Parliament, Australian Bank Denies 1MDB Link


ANZ, one of Australia's biggest banks, holds 25 percent of Ambank, the Malaysian bank U.S. investigators said was used to channel part of the funds allegedly siphoned from 1MDB.


U.K. Tries to Quell Brexit Fears in Taipei

Edward White

'If I can reassure you, and get that into your papers and broadcast media, that is what I am seeking to do here.'

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