Can Politicians Rise Above Partisanship To Address Indonesia’s Environmental Crisis?

East Asia Forum

Politicians in Indonesia have the potential to initiate the systemic changes necessary for environmental management but they face challenges including corruption, overlapping jurisdictions, and the influence of business interests.


[Audiovisual] Organizing hundreds of thousands of aerial images and footage is like an marathon: the Digital Archive program by Chi Po-lin Foundation

“Speak out for the environment through images” is what Director Chi had been committed to throughout his life, as well as what Chi Po-lin Foundation is going to continue. We will build a photography database to preserve the images showing landscape changes of the whole Taiwan, so the image legacy left by Chi Po-lin could be passed on from generations to generations. “Digital Archive” program calls for your support and advocacy.


Agave Can Be Used For Biofuel and Hand-Sanitizers, Researchers Say

Sustainability Times

Researchers from the University of Sydney argue that agave is a potential a sustainable source of biofuel and hand-sanitizers.


Taiwanese Companies Commit to 100% Renewables, Despite a Dirty Grid

Nate Maynard

The first of what might eventually be a flood of Taiwanese companies have committed to sourcing 100 percent of their energy from renewable sources.


Could Kyoto Become Asia's Most Sustainable City?

The Conversation

Kyoto is looking to become the Copenhagen of Asia.


ANALYSIS: The Difficult Truth About Sustainability and Bio-Plastics

Nate Maynard

The world is rushing towards embracing bio-plastics because they sound like a nice alternative to banned single-use plastics, but the truth is that in most cases bio-plastics are not biodegradable.


OPINION: How to Reduce Hong Kong’s Plastic Waste in 5 Steps

Eileen Nasert

All of Hong Kong's remaining landfills are expected to reach capacity before 2020. With waste exports to China off the table, sustainable action is needed – fast.


The Crushing Carbon Cost of Palm Oil Plantations


New research has found that each hectare of rainforest used for oil palm production is responsible for even higher carbon emissions than originally believed.

stop sucking Plastic Straws

Don't Let Taiwan Draw the Short Straw on Sustainability

Dinah Gardner

 Regulating single-use straws would put Taiwan on the map for having advanced environmental policy ahead of any other country in the region.


Building a More Sustainable Belt and Road

Chris Davy

China’s Belt and Road Initiative involves significant risk in investing in countries and projects that have failed to attract financing elsewhere. More multilateral financing can help ensure that these projects are environmentally sustainable rather than under-utilized white elephants.

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