Pope Francis Kicks off First Trip to Mongolia

Deutsche Welle

Pope Francis arrived in Mongolia for his first trip to the predominantly Buddhist country, showing support for the smallest Catholic community in the world and maintaining a presence between China and Russia.


Inner Mongolians Boycott Classes to Protest Chinese Language Policy

Voice of America

Inner Mongolians contend the Chinese language policy will endanger Mongolian language and culture.


Visiting the Real Mongolia

Although many travelers from Taiwan visit the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, true adventures seekers don’t settle for Mongolia-light, writes Tim Ferry.


Mongolia’s Election Outcome is a Win for Putin

Edward Cavanough

Battulga’s pro-Russia agenda means his election is a significant win for Russian President Vladimir Putin, representing as it does a further proliferation of pro-Kremlin regimes in the states bordering Russia’s extensive frontier.


VOICES: 'We Are Not Extremists' - Activists Talk Chinese Suppression

Kuan Chen

'We are not radical Islamists. We are not extremists or terrorists. China is driving us into a corner. That’s why some people fight back.'

達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama

Thinking Outside the Urn: China and the Reincarnation of Mongolia’s Highest Lama

Jichang Lulu

A Mongolian, but China-friendly, Jebtsundamba without Dharamsala ties is probably the most ambitious goal China can attain.

AP10121007069 劉曉波

The Costs of Normalization: Norway and Mongolia Respond to Chinese Sanctions

Jichang Lulu

Analysis shows that Mongolia conceded less than Norway when the pair attempted to 'normalize' ties with China. However, the two nations' different response still benefits China's 'core interests' as an authoritarian power.


Taiwan Joins Hands with Mongolia on Democracy

Yuan-ling Liang

Two weeks after major elections in Mongolia, the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy holds a forum in the region to promote democratic awareness.

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