Food Rations for Each Rohingya Refugee Drops to US$8 per Month

Voice of America

The Rohingya are increasingly stuck between a rock and a hard place as international donors act to wash off their hands and move on to the next tragedy.


Bangladesh Reassesses Its Belt and Road Initiative Strategy With China as the US Offers a New Alternative

Global Voices

The economic troubles faced by Pakistan and Sri Lanka have prompted Bangladesh to reassess its involvement in BRI-related infrastructure projects.


Rohingya Refugees Adrift for Weeks at Sea Land in Indonesia

Voice of America

2022 could be the deadliest year for Rohingya fleeing Bangladesh and Myanmar by boat since 2014, when 730 were believed to have died or gone missing.


Ukraine War: Asian Nations Feel Economic Brunt of Conflict

Deutsche Welle

India, Bangladesh, and Southeast Asian countries are all feeling economic strain triggered by the war. India’s edible oil market and exports are suffering, while Bangladesh-Russia trade has taken a hit due to sanctions.


Bangladeshi Sex Worker's Honorable Funeral Hailed as a Landmark

Deutsche Welle

Sex workers in Bangladesh often do not get a proper burial due to social stigma. This week's burial has been met with praise by human rights activists.


OPINION: Rohingya Refugees Remain Trapped in Catastrophe

The Conversation

One year after the outbreak of the crisis the Rohingya are no closer to a resolution.


ANALYSIS: Ignoring Bangladesh's Polarizing Politics Is a Grave Mistake

Policy Forum

Conditions in the South Asian nation present a perfect storm for terrorist organizations.


Bangladesh Looks to Saudi Arabia to Fight Islamic Militancy

Dr. James M. Dorsey

Bangladesh is the first to ask Saudi Arabia for help pushing back forms of Islam perpetrated by the Saudis themselves.


Rohingya Refugees Gored by Elephants at Record Rates


Refugee camps in Bangladesh are edging up against wildlife habitats, leading to at least a dozen deaths.


Decades of Rohingya Tensions Still Strain the Myanmar-Bangladesh Relationship

East Asia Forum

The Rohingya crisis isn't a recent phenomenon, but new kinds of international pressure will be needed to resolve it.

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