‘Below the Surface’ Is a Tale Worth Telling Better

CJ Sheu

Below the Surface is agit-prop filmmaking for a regrettable cause that besmirches the reputation of the real-life sailors it portrays.


Nationalism’s Questionable Influence in China’s Responses to International Incidents

East Asia Forum

Contrary to assertions that suggest China blindly caters to nationalism, the government would only escalate their measures only if the diplomatic relationship harms their core values, political and social stability.

GettyImages-1398633683 (1).jpg

Does Spanish Nationalism Exist?

The Conversation

The emergence of regional nationalisms, such as Catalan or Basque nationalism, has challenged the idea of a unified Spain.


Taiwan Deserves Better Than Modi’s Nationalism

Nicole-Ann Lobo

International solidarity is crucial in Taiwan’s struggle for autonomous recognition, but the country is unlikely to find an ally truly committed to democratic ideologies in India’s government.


What US and China's Leaders Have in Common

Suzanne Pepper

Donald Trump and Xi Jiping appear to share similar difficulties reconciling their aspirations for national glory with the civil rights and freedoms written into their respective constitutions.


Why 'Wolf Warrior II' Beat Up 'Founding of an Army' at the Box Office

Chublic Opinion

'Wolf Warrior II' smashed Communist Party propaganda fest 'Founding of an Army' at China's box office this summer, but while showing how far Chinese cinema has come in terms of production values, its overt and ugly patriotism left some with a bitter taste in the mouth.


Chinese Film 'Wolf Warriors 2' Speaks to Overseas Chinese

Cinema Escapist

'Wolf Warriors 2' breathes new life into the Chinese action genre and appeals to foreign-born Chinese in the process.


How Blockbuster Movies Capture China’s Changing Nationalism

Wu Haiyun

Now the country’s highest-grossing film ever, ‘Wolf Warrior 2’ merges Hollywood-style thrills with state-sanctioned patriotism.


Viral Video Triggers Debate Over Patriotic Education in China, Again

Oiwan Lam

A vivid debate on whether school children in modern China should be taught to recite Chinese "hero" Lui Hulan's story of sacrifice from the Chinese Communist revolution era.


Why Chinese Nationalists Have a Homophobia Problem

Matthew Walsh

Prejudiced patriots are using supposedly traditional values to ostracize the LGBT community.

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