“Ka Joma Lives!”: The Philippines Mourns Exiled Revolutionary Leader

Michael Beltran

Joma Sison, a revolutionary leader in exile, leaves a legacy deeply intertwined with the modern political history of the Philippines.


Philippine Party-list Elections Steal From the Poor and Give to the Rich

East Asia Forum

Instead of serving the poor in whose name they ran, many party-list representatives have been accused of corruption. They have also pushed for the closure of a leading broadcast network critical of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.


Martial Law Victims in the Philippines Challenge Marcos’ Presidential Bid

Voice of America

Cases against Marcos filed on behalf of the victims are piling up at the Commission on Elections. The petitions ask the body to either cancel Marcos’ certificate of candidacy or to disqualify him due to a criminal conviction in 1997 over his failure to file income tax returns decades ago.


Why China Would Give More Aid, Investment To Leery Philippines

Voice of America

Manila vies with Beijing over access to the disputed South China Sea and has warmed this year toward the United States.


Meet the First Medical Cannabis Party in Asia

Michael Beltran

In the Philippines, where the government has carried out a bloody war on drugs, a party has been formed to advocate for the use of cannabis for medical purposes.


The Bloodiest Sunday in the Philippines

Michael Beltran

Nine people were murdered by state forces in the Philippines. Michael Beltran spoke with two eye witnesses.


Philippines: The Tactics Behind Red-Tagging

Michael Beltran

The military and government bureaucracy will never openly admit to it, but there is a stark and disturbing trend of mobilizing state resources against civil society in the Philippines.


Heralding Deal With China, Philippines Restarts Offshore Oil-Gas Exploration in Disputed Sea

Voice of America

On October 15, the Philippine government lifted a ban on offshore oil and gas exploration. A joint energy development project may help warm up relations with China and speed up economic recovery.


Philippine President Pardons US Marine Convicted in Killing of Transgender Woman

Voice of America

The move sparked criticism from rights groups and lawyers for the woman’s family.

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