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Is China Using Language Textbooks to Influence Taiwanese Education?

New Bloom

A crucial post-Sunflower debate over China-centric language learning has been rekindled in Taiwan.


Has the DPP Unwittingly Opened the Door to Chinese Election Interference?

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) must be prepared for election day hijinks courtesy of China, writes Courtney Donovan Smith.


OPINION: China's Soft Power Push Risks Igniting Divides in Singapore

The Interpreter

China's efforts to conflate race and national identity could have dangerous ramifications.


President Tsai Calls for Democratic Nations to Unite in Face of China Pressure

David Green

Awareness if growing among democratic states of the need to work together to counter authoritarian influence operations.


Can Taiwan Defend Identity from China's United Front Tactics?

Taiwan Insight

Lauren Dickey argues that defending the Taiwanese populace against the lure of Chinese jobs is just as important as military defense.


OP-ED: Should Mao Enter the Building?

J. Michael Cole

Two scheduled concerts in Australia honoring Chairman Mao have sparked calls for boycotts. Let them sing and dance and spin all they want in his honor. Our job isn’t to silence them, as this would make us no better than the CCP.


OP-ED: There's a Vaccine Against China's United Front Tactics

J. Michael Cole

As long as Taiwan’s democratic institutions remain healthy, China’s multifaceted propaganda efforts against it won’t find the oxygen they need to prosper.


China Ramps Up Information Warfare Operations Abroad

J. Michael Cole

No longer reactive, China is now on a proactive track: it seeks to set the agenda by organizing and co-sponsoring international events, or by establishing partnerships with organizations abroad.

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