Peering into Taiwan's Post-Blue Political Future

Politics abhors a vacuum, and with the KMT struggling for support there is scope for a new opposition to mount a challenge to the DPP's grip of Taiwan's national politics. But who will lead it and where will they come from? Courtney Donovan Smith forecasts Taiwan's political future.


Tackling Cancer in Taiwan Needs New Thinking

Many cancer drugs are not covered by Taiwan's NHI, leading to a steady increase in the proportion of self-payment.


A Delicate Balancing Act: President Tsai’s First Year

Ketagalan Media

Sandwiched between these two clashing generations, Tsai is standing at a dividing line between Taiwan’s past and future, the 'east' of its old glory (such as being one of the four Asian tigers) and the 'west' of its new chapter in history.


Tough Pill to Swallow: Why Singapore’s Healthcare Model Should Not Be Followed

Roy Ngerng

[OPINION] Singapore’s healthcare system has become unnecessarily complicated but it can be reformed to provide more equitable healthcare and give its citizens peace of mind.


School’s Out: How Singapore Keeps University Reserved for the Elites

Roy Ngerng

[OPINION] The Singapore government is shutting out most Singaporeans from universities while keeping the door wide open to foreigners.


Beneath the Surface of China’s Relentless Rise

Dong Dong Zhang

Saving the CCP demanded a drastic revamping of the power structures of the party-state.


OPINION: Presidential Elections Changes Further Undermine Democracy in Singapore

Kirsten Han

'It’s enough to prompt the question: what’s the point of voting in the presidential election at all?'

Green Power Energy Moon Rise behind the San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm

Fish Hook in Taiwan's 'Green' Energy Reforms

Rosemary Chen

Taiwan this week passed new legislation to deregulate the electricity market and boost the uptake of clean energy. But do the changes go far enough?


INTERVIEW: Taiwan's 'Digital' Minister, Audrey Tang (Part 3)

Edward White

This is the third of a three-part interview with Taiwan’s ‘genius hacker.'

青春發言人 唐鳳 VR

INTERVIEW: Taiwan's 'Digital' Minister, Audrey Tang (Part 2)

Edward White

This is the second of a three-part interview with Taiwan’s ‘genius hacker.'

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