Myanmar Junta Scaling up Air War on Resistance

Voice of America

The frequency and consistency with which the airstrikes are hitting civilian targets has charities, rights groups and analysts convinced they’re expressly in the junta’s crosshairs. “Every single hospital up here and every clinic has been bombed in Karenni, and many in Karen state and Chin as well,” said Eubank, a former U.S. Special Forces officer.


Myanmar: What Can Indonesia Do as ASEAN Chair To Help End Overshadowed Conflict?

The Conversation

Indonesia, whose authoritarian leader stepped down from power in 1998, offers Myanmar an example of military reform.


Myanmar Police Toughen Crackdown Against Anti-Coup Protesters

Voice of America

Myanmar’s post-coup government fired its U.N. envoy and AFP reports that live rounds have been used against protesters.


Myanmar: General Strike Goes Ahead Despite Threats

Deutsche Welle

Protesters against the military rule have refused to let up as the movement to bring back the country’s democratically elected leader dismisses threats of violence.


Myanmar: The Stupid Coup

Aye Min Thant

Myanmar elders understand on a visceral level that the military is not a rational actor. Those of us lucky enough to be young enough to have only passing memories of pre-transition Myanmar are just starting to internalize this.


Myanmar: Aung San Suu Kyi Detained by Military, Her Party Says

Deutsche Welle

Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi and several of her political allies have been detained in an early morning raid, a spokesman for her party said. He warned of a possible military coup.


Myanmar Military Kills Civilians in Indiscriminate Attacks, Amnesty Says

Voice of America

Amnesty International reported that the Myanmar military has indiscriminately bombed civilians, including children in March and April.


Myanmar Must Accept Responsibility for Rohingya alongside Openness to Diversity

Khin Zaw Win

With no end in sight to the plight of the Rohyinga Muslims in Myanmar and Bangladesh, and an underwhelming response from de-facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi, the clock is ticking for Myanmar to accept historical responsibility and open its arms to multiculturalism.


Stranger Kings: Ancient Traditions of Chinese Power in Northeastern Myanmar

Alice Dawkins

'As the Chinese state extends its reach beyond its traditional power bases in the Sino-Myanmar hills and lowland urban centers to developing a major port off the Rakhine coast, it pays to be aware of the longstanding motif of strategic Chinese infiltration,' Dawkins writes.


The Emergence of Pork Barrel Politics in Myanmar

Renaud Egreteau

Concerns over the waste of public money, corruption, and the entrenchment of political clientelism in Burma.

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