The Closing of the Chinese Mind

J. Michael Cole

‘If we are to avoid major tensions in the Taiwan Strait, there will have to be a time when the people in Chinese academia and government who actually know what is going on in Taiwan are allowed to speak up.’

Zhang Zhijun_張志軍

Beijing Alters Recent History: Says Taipei Suspended Dialogue

J. Michael Cole

China unilaterally suspended cross-strait communication mechanisms late last month after judging that President Tsai had failed to meet Beijing’s expectations.


Top Chinese Official Calls for Greater Cooperation with Taiwan Media

J. Michael Cole

Given the state of the media in China today, any closer cooperation with its highly censored and propagandistic news outlets would be suicidal for would-be partners.


China Ramps Up Information Warfare Operations Abroad

J. Michael Cole

No longer reactive, China is now on a proactive track: it seeks to set the agenda by organizing and co-sponsoring international events, or by establishing partnerships with organizations abroad.


Is China Really That Irritable?

J. Michael Cole

According to the narrative created by international media, Beijing is so obsessed with Taiwan that it is constantly ‘infuriated’ by it.

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