Academic Who Opposed ‘Mao Concert’ Blocked from Leaving China

Rosemary Chen

Professor Feng Chongyi has been outspoken about Beijing’s political influence in Chinese communities in Australia.


Chinese Lawmakers Seek to Protect Dead Communist Heroes With New Law

Jack Hu

The new 'hero law' could have a chilling effect on academic inquiry in China.


OP-ED: Is Double Ten a Deadline for President Tsai?

J. Michael Cole

Don’t hold your breath for a breakthrough in President Tsai’s cross-Strait policy on National Day.


Translation, Cyber Nationalism and Activism in China

Guobin Yang

Besides cyber-nationalism, translation plays an important role in environmental activism, feminist activism, labor activism and human rights activism.


OP-ED: Should Mao Enter the Building?

J. Michael Cole

Two scheduled concerts in Australia honoring Chairman Mao have sparked calls for boycotts. Let them sing and dance and spin all they want in his honor. Our job isn’t to silence them, as this would make us no better than the CCP.


OP-ED: There's a Vaccine Against China's United Front Tactics

J. Michael Cole

As long as Taiwan’s democratic institutions remain healthy, China’s multifaceted propaganda efforts against it won’t find the oxygen they need to prosper.


Ex-SEF Chairman Lin Join-sane’s Foundation Could Be Conduit for PRC Political Warfare

J. Michael Cole

It seemed innocuous enough: a conference commemorating Sun Yat-sen’s 150th anniversary. But look at the sponsors from the Chinese side and things become a little more interesting.


Taiwan, Hong Kong Artists Forced to Sign ‘No Separatism’ Form: Reports

J. Michael Cole

While there has not been any confirmation of a new rule, several artists have heard rumors that they will have to sign the document to perform in China.


Behind China's Global Propaganda Campaign

Shuhei Omi

'The Party wants to fundamentally change the conversation at the global level so as to defend China’s interests abroad and reinforce the ideological consensus at home.'

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