Arab League Visits China’s Xinjiang Region, Rejects Uyghur Genocide

Voice of America

Experts say the praise that Beijing has reportedly received from diplomats and officials who took part in the trip is nothing more than “Chinese propaganda” and an attempt to whitewash human rights violations.


Ukraine War: How Russian Propaganda Dominates Chinese Social Media

Deutsche Welle

In China’s cyberspace, Russian propaganda continues to influence the discourse over the war in Ukraine. Experts say the efforts could be Beijing’s attempt to trigger anti-Western sentiments.


Data, Propaganda and Cambridge Analytica in Taiwan

Morley J Weston

In Taiwan's open society, government and political groups have embraced the use of Facebook as a barometer of public sentiment.


PRC Content Farms Stoke Cross-Strait Media Battle

China Brief

Chinese disinformation in Taiwan is nothing new, but the CCP is spreading it more effectively than ever before through the internet and social media.


Can Xi Control China's Overseas Resource Exploitation?

Bill Laurance

China’s ambitions will have some positive effects, and could even be economically transformative for certain nations, but other elements will benefit China while profoundly damaging our planet.


From Propaganda Ballets to Dance for the People

Cai Yiwen

Once a Cultural Revolution dancer, Wen Hui has become a pioneer of choreography that focuses on the experiences of real people.


Media Power: China’s Latest Attempt to Win Friends and Influence People

Terry Flew

Engaging in global soft power competition does not come cheaply to China.


Political Indoctrination in Chinese Colleges

Zi Yang

Among Chinese college students, support for the Party and government remain strong, at least on paper.


How a Teenager's Mysterious Death in China is Eroding Public Trust in Authorities

Oiwan Lam

The most widely shared theory is that Zhao was beaten to death by five other students for not paying protection dues of 10,000 yuan to a local group of bullies.


Arrest in China Unnerves Australia

The Japan Times

China's detention of a Sydney professor spotlights its questionable record when it comes to respect for academic freedom and human rights, and casts a shadow over Sino-Australian relations.

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