Rodrigo Duterte


Journalist Maria Ressa Fights on for Press Freedom

Deutsche Welle

Philippine investigative journalist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Maria Ressa warns how disinformation campaigns are eroding democracy at home — and globally.


Philippines: ‘Communist’ Book Bans Raise New Censorship Fears

Deutsche Welle

Free speech advocates are concerned the new government of Ferdinand Marcos Jr. will continue cracking down on independent media in an attempt to whitewash the history of his father’s brutal dictatorship.


What the Philippines Has at Stake in Taiwan

The Interpreter

Politicians in the Philippines have called for a contingency plan for the evacuation of the estimated 200,000 overseas Filipino workers in Taiwan.


Ex-VP Candidate Walden Bello Arrested for Accusing Sara Duterte’s Aide of Narcotics Involvement

Michael Beltran

Walden Bello, an esteemed scholar and candidate for vice president in the last election in the Philippines, is the latest victim in a string of “cyber-libel” cases that have undermined civil liberties.


Some Filipinos Think ‘Biased’ News Site Rappler Should Be Shut Down

Voice of America

At home, Rappler receives little support from Filipinos as journalists and fact-checkers become increasingly vulnerable to attacks from the government and political actors.


Philippines: News Site Rappler Ordered To Shut Down

Deutsche Welle

The site, co-founded by Nobel laureate Maria Ressa, was known for covering Duterte’s bloody crackdown on illegal drugs. The move comes a day before President Rodrigo Duterte is due to leave office.


“Haunted by Our Continuing Pain”: Martial Law Survivors React to Marcos Restoration

Michael Beltran

Survivors of martial law in the Philippines gathered in the wake of the restoration of the Marcos family to power. They fear a return of the worst abuses from the era.


Is This the End of Duterte’s Politically-driven War on Drugs?

East Asia Forum

The two current leading candidates for president aim to not be labelled “soft on crime,” but wish to de-emphasize what has clearly been a brutal crackdown that has alienated a growing part of the population.


The Richest Man in the Philippines Is Taking Over the Country’s Water. These People Are Out To Stop Him.

Michael Beltran

Manny Villar, a billioniare, is behind an effort to privatize water supplies throughout the Philippines with the company Primewater Incoporated. Citizens, unions, and political leaders are organizing against it.

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