Illegal Trade of Philippine Pangolins Is Surging, Report Shows


Illegal pangolin trade in the Philippines increased nine-fold in the last two years, with the authorities confiscating an estimated 6,894 pangolins between 2018 and 2019.


Covid-19 Casts New Light on Taiwan’s Pangolin Conservation

Sally Jensen

Pangolin conservation is all the more important during Covid-19 as the endangered species may offer researchers insights into new treatment strategies for the virus.


Why A Rich, Orderly Himalayan State Has India’s Highest Suicide Rate

Sarita Santoshini

“The government wants Sikkim to be known as a pollution-free, disease-free state. But I work with young men and women every day, and they are constantly struggling,” Bhutia said. “Sikkim will lose its people if it doesn’t act now.”


Shining Light on the Pacific’s Dark Networks

Anthea McCarthy-Jones

Pacific Island nations have increasingly become transit hubs for large shipments of illicit drugs. Intelligence-gathering activities targeting entire network functions are required.


Sex Workers and Condoms in China

ChinaFile 中參館

The danger of detention for carrying condoms discourages sex workers from using them.


Stranded Vietnamese Waiting for Answers After Kinmen Bridge Contract Canned

Edward White

'People are still stranded': Vietnamese men brought to Kinmen to construct a major bridge project remain in crowded living quarters on the island and waiting for new jobs in Taiwan. Several of them are victims of human trafficking schemes, and are accruing interest on illegal debts owed to brokers.


Out of Sight: Taiwan’s Hidden Contribution to Global Human Trafficking

Edward White

Taiwanese are involved in human trafficking crimes across Asia and the Pacific, and at least five traffickers convicted of offences in Cambodia remain at-large on the island.


Taiwan Human Trafficking Activists Await Key U.S. Report

Edward White

Human trafficking: While the government will hope Taiwan can enjoy its seventh-year straight as a ‘Tier 1’ country, activists in the front lines of what they say is a worsening problem hope Taiwan’s ranking will be downgraded.


FEATURE: Clock Ticks as Indonesian Execution Spree Looms

Edward White

Hope and Hypocrisy: Despite fighting for the freedom of hundreds of its own citizens facing the death penalty abroad, Indonesia looks set to carry out a spate of executions of foreign nationals. Can international and local activists force the populist Jokowi administration to change its course?

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