How Major Sports Are Returning in South Korea

Deutsche Welle

South Korea's baseball and soccer competitions will kick off this week, providing global sports fans with rare live action. But both leagues will be operating under strict Covid-19 guidelines.

游霆崴優質先發 悍將中止連敗

How a Taiwanese Baseball League Opened Its 2020 Season Despite Covid-19

Voice of America

Taiwan's baseball league is the only one still running in the world during the Covid-19 pandemic.


When Bowling Was a Sport Reserved for Royalty

Lauren Young

King Henry VIII of England in the 1500s famously banned commoners from participating in bowling.


BOOK REVIEW: Crisis in Sports Governance: Exploring Anti-Doping Policy and Other Battlegrounds (Part Two)

Slobodan Tomic

The book may not be aimed at a wider readership, but it will provide scholars and anti-doping professionals with a fuller picture of some key issues surrounding the phenomenon of anti-doping regulation, writes Dr. Slobodan Tomic.


BOOK REVIEW: Crisis in Sports Governance: Exploring Anti-Doping Policy and Other Battlegrounds (Part One)

Slobodan Tomic

In 'The Edge: The War Against Cheating and Corruption in the Cutthroat World of Elite Sports,' the goal, however, is not to provide answers. The objective is to open a door to a fascinating topic so you can think about sport in new ways. Sports needs more thinking, more debate, and more out-in-the-open discussion.


How Soccer Investment Has Become Key to Sino-British Relations

Johan van de Ven

What’s behind all the Chinese money pouring into the Premier League?


‘Taiwan is not Chinese Taipei’ Banner Ripped Down by Baseball Officials

Yuan-ling Liang

The Chinese Taipei Baseball Association has been accused of ripping down pro-Taiwan independence banners at an international baseball game.


Lu Yen-hsun Becomes Taiwan’s First ATP Players' Representative

Bing-sheng Lee

Taiwan’s most successful male tennis player promises to devote his energies to improving players’ benefits and to pay special attention to issues regarding Asian players.

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