Cambodian Strongman is Going Nowhere

Sorpong Peou

What Hun Sen fears most is the ultimate power of political democracy.


Singapore, It Is Time for Answers on Operation Spectrum

Kirsten Han

[OPINION] It’s high time that documents related to Operation Spectrum were declassified, and an independent Commission of Inquiry held, argues Kirsten Han.

In the name of the people

A Few Home Truths Revealed in China's ‘House of Cards’

Audrey Jiajia Li

'With the clear aim of celebrating President Xi Jinping’s campaign to crack down on corrupt tigers and flies', the drama not only marked the end of a 13-year-long ban on the production and broadcast of corruption-themed TV shows, it was also granted unprecedented flexibility by the censors,' wrote Chinese independent filmmaker Audrey Jiajia Li.


The Ups and Downs of Chinese Dams on Mekong: New Report

Timo Räsänen

A new study shows the significant impact of Chinese dams on the Mekong, but it is not all bad.


The Indispensable Man Pulling the Strings in Japan

Michael Cucek

Those aware of Yoshihide Suga’s existence may know him as the Abe government’s chief spokesman. He is much more than that.


A New Dawn: Thailand After King Bhumibol

Thitinan Pongsudhirak

Thailand's grieving population must now chart their own path.


Taipower Warns of Energy Crisis As Taiwan Melts

Shuhei Omi

Taiwan’s state-run power company says it is experiencing an energy crisis due to extremely high temperatures. But some say it’s a sham.

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