Paraguay Open to Trade With China While Maintaining Ties With Taiwan: President

TNL Staff

The newly elected Paraguayan president will maintain relations with Taiwan, the outgoing president said.


Paraguay President to Visit Taiwan Ahead of Elections

TNL Staff

Paraguay’s presidential candidate for the opposition party said he’d switch diplomatic allegiance from Taiwan to China once elected.


OPINION: Paraguay May Trigger Diplomatic Avalanche for Taiwan

Antonio C. Hsiang

The Senate of Paraguay voted to maintain diplomatic recognition of Taiwan. But long-term prospects do not look bright.


Meet the Monarchs and Dictators of Tsai Ing-wen’s ‘Alliance of Democratic Values’

Antonio C. Hsiang

How can Tsai Ing-wen possibly rope her 18 remaining diplomatic allies into a 'democratic coalition' to oppose China when they themselves are hardly functioning democracies?


US Defense Act Angers China, Reaffirms Status Quo for Taiwan

Nick Aspinwall

The Taiwan provisions in the annual United States defense act change little, but there may be substance beneath the symbolism which further deepens US-Taiwan military ties.

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