How Diplomacy Has Failed To Resolve the Kashmir Conflict?

TNL Feature

The ongoing Kashmir dispute between Pakistan and India remains unresolved, primarily due to factors such as the mutual lack of trust between the two nations and the absence of international mediation on the issue.


US, China Dig In Despite Hopes for Thaw

Voice of America

Tensions between the U.S. and China continue to rise despite recent diplomatic efforts made by the U.S. officials.


China, Janet Yellen and Diplomacy, Step-By-Step

Deutsche Welle

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen plays the role of facilitator in rebuilding U.S.-China relations, demonstrated by her efforts in bridging dialogues on climate change and debt relief for poorer countries.


Harris Says China Coercing, Intimidating in South China Sea 

Voice of America

U.S. vice president, Kamala Harris, cited Chinese intimidation in the South China Sea along with a need to maintain freedom of navigation and commerce as the main focus moving forward.


The Taiwan Coast Guard's South China Sea Challenge

Taiwan Insight

Taiwan is bulking up its coast guard, but the scope of ROC territory necessitates some tough decisions for its commanders.


OPINION: Taiwan's Small-Power Diplomacy Is Essential to Its Identity

The Interpreter

Taiwan's dwindling diplomatic partnerships remain essential to its future.


ANALYSIS: Chinese Arms Sales Are Not a Diplomatic Weapon

East Asia Forum

China has not increased its arms exports to Belt and Road partners, nor has it penetrated markets traditionally reliant on Western suppliers.


Rim of the Pacific Navy Exercises Underway amid Incoherent Trump Foreign Policy

The Interpreter

This year's military exercise focuses on providing training for non-US navies, while demonstrating the incoherence of the Trump administration's foreign policy.


NORTH KOREA: Meet Kim's Controversial Right-hand Man


North Korea's controversial diplomat is a constant figure in North Korean diplomacy and politics.


Taiwan 'Outraged' as Burkina Faso Signs Communique with China

David Green

Taiwan vocalizes its frustration at China's ongoing efforts to throttle its international agency.

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