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Taiwan Strait


Election Frontrunner VP Lai: No Framework for Taiwan’s ‘Formal Independence’

TNL Staff

Lai reiterated that there is no framework nor roadmap for “formal independence” as Taiwan is a “sovereign, independent country” itself.


China Rehearses Taiwan Blockade as US Deploys Destroyer

Deutsche Welle

Military drills close to Taiwan have continued for a third day as Chinese forces carried out simulated aerial and naval blockades.


Overall Defense Concept Reshapes Taiwan’s Views on Defense Against China

Ian Murphy

The Overall Defense Concept, a proposal by Taiwanese admiral Lee Hsi-ming, may be what Taiwan needs to prevent China from taking over its shores.


Japan’s Reluctant Realism on Taiwan

East Asia Forum

As a key U.S. ally in East Asia, Japan is debating the introduction of legislation to ready itself to deal with a contingency scenario in Taiwan, a defensive response rather than a proactive military strategy.


Taiwan Says Chinese Warplanes Are Crossing a Median Line, but Is There a Median Line?

Voice of America

The median line of the Taiwan Strait, which has never reached the status of a formal agreement, becomes a sore spot when Taiwan-China relations sour.

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