Taiwan Strait


China Rehearses Taiwan Blockade as US Deploys Destroyer

Deutsche Welle

Military drills close to Taiwan have continued for a third day as Chinese forces carried out simulated aerial and naval blockades.


Overall Defense Concept Reshapes Taiwan’s Views on Defense Against China

Ian Murphy

The Overall Defense Concept, a proposal by Taiwanese admiral Lee Hsi-ming, may be what Taiwan needs to prevent China from taking over its shores.


Japan’s Reluctant Realism on Taiwan

East Asia Forum

As a key U.S. ally in East Asia, Japan is debating the introduction of legislation to ready itself to deal with a contingency scenario in Taiwan, a defensive response rather than a proactive military strategy.


Taiwan Says Chinese Warplanes Are Crossing a Median Line, but Is There a Median Line?

Voice of America

The median line of the Taiwan Strait, which has never reached the status of a formal agreement, becomes a sore spot when Taiwan-China relations sour.


GIF STORY: The US Navy's Asian Pivot and Historical Deployment

Louis Lo

US Navy destroyers make headlines when they sail the Taiwan Strait – a regular part of the Seventh Fleet’s patrol. When we look at the history of US fleet deployments, it’s clear that the US uses its warships as waterborne ambassadors of global influence.

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