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AIT Deems Taiwan 'Unfriendly for Innovators' Due to Uber Controversy

Daphne K. Lee

The American Institute in Taiwan penned a strongly worded letter opposing government plans to institute new rules which would affect Uber services in Taiwan.


Taiwan's Uber Drivers Protest Against Plan to Tighten Regulations

Daphne K. Lee

Uber drivers say the proposed 'Uber Clause' would force the ride-sharing giant out of business in Taiwan.


Uber Taiwan is Back. What is the New Business Model Like?

Kuan Chen

Uber is going to act as an "information platform" that, instead of linking drivers to the customers, now provides the service directly to car rental companies.


Uber Reaches New Agreement with Taiwan Government

Rosemary Chen

Uber’s ride-sharing service has been considered illegal in Taiwan and suspended operations on Feb. 10. But the company may have found a way back in after a recent meeting with the government.


CARTOON: Uber's Last Day in Taiwan

Stellina Chen

Uber high fines in Taiwan seem to have driven matters 'off the cliff.'


Taiwan’s Continuing Uber Controversy

Matthew Fulco

The company’s Taiwan business is still growing despite being in regulatory limbo and facing mounting opposition from lawmakers and the taxi industry.


Uber: More than its Controversy

David Willson

I admire the way in which Uber Taiwan has integrated the social good that it does completely into who they are as a company and for me this makes them an outstanding example of strategic corporate social responsibility.

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