Migration, Evidence, and Climate Change in the Pacific

East Asia Forum

While there are early signs that climate change is influencing mobility decisions, the evidence consistently shows that people from low-lying islands want to stay in their homelands.


Fast-Fading Memories of Harbin’s Migrant History

Ma Te

A stream of Russian refugees once made the far-flung northeastern city their home, but now only a handful of descendants remain to tell their stories.


Stranger Kings: Ancient Traditions of Chinese Power in Northeastern Myanmar

Alice Dawkins

'As the Chinese state extends its reach beyond its traditional power bases in the Sino-Myanmar hills and lowland urban centers to developing a major port off the Rakhine coast, it pays to be aware of the longstanding motif of strategic Chinese infiltration,' Dawkins writes.

asian grade school student solving a geometry problem on chalkboard in math class.

Chinese Cities Should Open Their Gates to the Children of Migrants

Nie Riming

It’s time we rewarded rural laborers’ contributions to their adopted cities by giving their children a proper education.


A Remote Ethnic Group in China Torn Between Tradition and Modernity

Tao Anli

Poverty relief efforts targeting Yunnan’s native Mang population have improved lives but attuned youngsters to their isolated, stifling existence.


China's Social System Reform is Going Nowhere

Bingqin Li

China’s hukou (household registration) system is often criticized for hindering the free movement of labor and creating inequality. In recent years the hukou system has undergone considerable reform. But is this enough to turn around the trends in China’s regional inequality?


OPINION: New President Must Tackle Rights Across Korean Peninsula and the Region

Phil Robertson

The new South Korean government should tell Beijing that returning North Koreans back into the clutches of Pyongyang is unacceptable because it condemns those refugees to certain torture, imprisonment and in some cases, death, argues Phil Robertson.


Worlds Apart: Split Households and Migrating Masses in China

C. Cindy Fan

With the increased prevalence of both spouses engaging in migrant work, many rural villages in China now have a hollowed-out age structure, namely, only the young and the old stay behind.


Reporting Migration: Big Challenges for Old and New Media

Rachael Buckland

There is undoubtedly strong consumer appetite for the stories about refugees and asylum seekers.


What Malaysia has to Gain from Migration Reform

Malaysia is not a party to the 1951 Refugee Convention or its related protocol. In order to comply with its international obligation to protect, the first step is for the Malaysian government to sign and ratify the Convention.

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