Stray Dogs Hound Taiwan after Euthanasia Ban Takes Effect

Ralph Jennings

Well intentioned legislation is leading to an increase in stray and abandoned dogs.


Is Eating Dog Meat Really on the Way Out in Asia?

ZiQing Low

Taiwan's dog meat ban has been welcomed but China’s largest 'dog meat festival' is set to enter its eighth year, and Indonesia sees an increase in dog meat consumption.


Caring for China’s Smog Dogs

Fan Yiying

Pollution in major cities has long been a scourge to humans, but the health impact on pets shouldn’t be overlooked.


Taiwan Prison Dog Training Helps Inmates Stay Away from Crime

Hsu Chia-yu

Dog trainers say the recidivism rate among inmates who trained dogs is 'very low.'


Yulin Dog Festival: Western Criticism vs. Local Patriotism

Shuhei Omi

The controversial Yulin Dog Festival kicked off on Monday amid an outpour of opposition from U.S. celebrities. But how is China reacting?

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