Content Flow Across the Great Firewall on WeChat

East Asia Forum

The use of WeChat reflects the Chinese “circle culture” on social media — people tend to congregate in like-minded groups.

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Hong Kong’s Film Industry Quietly Blooming Again, Despite Censorship

Voice of America

Despite the concerns about censorship, funding, and fewer audiences with the lifting of travel restrictions, directors in Hong Kong believe now is as good a time as any to make films.


How Party Affiliation Affects Public Perceptions of Free Speech in Taiwan

Timothy S. Rich

Supporters of ruling parties would be more likely to trust the government and to assume that such restrictions are in the public’s interest.


How China Is Erasing Hong Kong’s Tiananmen Square Memories

Deutsche Welle

Authorities in Hong Kong have been actively removing books about the Tiananmen Square Massacre from library shelves to silence the past. But communities overseas are keeping the legacy alive.


Cultural Sensitivity or Censorship? Lecturers Are Finding It Difficult to Talk About China in Class

The Conversation

In a globalized world, educators are expected to be culturally sensitive and inclusive, but what if this leads to self-censorship?


Pressure on Journalists, Bloggers Mounts Ahead of Uzbekistan’s Presidential Elections

Global Voices

A foreign journalist loses accreditation, a pro-LBGT blogger is beaten and another blogger gets a heavy sentence on dubious charges in Uzbekistan.


The Authoritarian Threat of Indonesia’s Latest Internet Bill

The Interpreter

Indonesia's pending legislation would require online service providers to remove or block content by government demand.


Myanmar’s Media Under Pressure From All Sides

Deutsche Welle

The Burmese military regime's increased crackdown on journalists and independent media has forced reporters underground. However, pressure mounts not only from the ruling junta but also from the opposition.


China Feminists Face Clampdown, Closure of Online Accounts

Deutsche Welle

Dozens of Chinese feminist social media channels have been abruptly deactivated in recent weeks, triggering anger and fear that women’s rights activists will be systemically denied an online presence.


China Appears to Block Popular Clubhouse App

Voice of America

For a brief time, Clubhouse allowed Chinese Internet users to freely discuss taboo topics with people across the world.

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