The Strange Case of the Japanese Plastic Surgeon Who Admires Nazis

Nevin Thompson

'For the time being, Takasu, by all accounts, remains unapologetic about his statements, despite the overwhelming evidence of the Nazis’ atrocities, and despite criticism of his remarks both in Japan, and, increasingly, abroad.'


Why Are China’s Old and Young at Each Other’s Throats?

Zeng Yuli

Too often China's youth-dominated online culture dismisses the country’s elderly as grumpy old men and women.


Internet Balkanization in China

Scott Shackelford

China’s new cybersecurity law is part of a worrying global trend towards Internet Balkanisation, Scott Shackleford writes.


China Stops WeChat, Weibo Users Discussing Human Rights Crackdown

Rosemary Chen

‘This censorship is implemented in ways that are not transparent to users.’


The Changing Power of Rumors

Ivan Labayne

Rumor sharing, or ‘pasa-bilis,' played a crucial role in the eventual overthrow of the Marcos dictatorship in the Philippines. Today it finds one of its most supreme expressions in the form of the internet, only with a different function, Ivan Labayne writes.


Chinese Bloggers Who Exposed Thousands of Protests Remain in Detention, No Trial

Edward White

Two Chinese bloggers who detailed thousands of public protests await formal charges six months after being detained. There have also been reports of torture.


How the Internet Is Empowering China’s Older Generation

Federico Sferrazza

China is teaching its senior citizens how to use the Internet, from online banking to social media apps.


People’s Republic of Spiritual Rednecks

Chublic Opinion

China's Internet reacts to news of the new U.S. president.

青春發言人 唐鳳 VR

INTERVIEW: Taiwan's 'Digital' Minister, Audrey Tang (Part 2)

Edward White

This is the second of a three-part interview with Taiwan’s ‘genius hacker.'

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