Lee Teng-hui's Complicated Legacy Spans a Century of Taiwanese History

Brian Hioe

Like the history of Taiwan, Lee Teng-hui's life went through several political and ideological twists and turns. But the only thing that remained consistent was his advocacy of Taiwanese sovereignty.


Chen Chu Confirmed as Head of Control Yuan Amid Lawmaker Brawl

TNL Staff

Taiwan's legislature approved the appointment of Chen Chu as the head of the Control Yuan despite a rather chaotic morning.


Should Taiwan Abolish Its Control Yuan and Examination Yuan?

Syrena Lin

Taiwan's political parties have long called for the abolition of the Control Yuan and Examination Yuan. What purposes do these two government branches actually serve?


OPINION: The KMT Occupation Was a Failed Sunflower Movement Parody

Raphael Lin

In occupying the legislature in a futile attempt to block the appointment of Chen Chu, the KMT chose the wrong hill to die on.


OPINION: The KMT Wants to Revise the 1992 Consensus. It Misses the Point.

Hiro Fu

The KMT's proposed revision of its policy toward China misses the point. Taiwan has largely moved on from the KMT's basic approach towards China.


OPINION: Why Taiwan’s China Airlines and the CPBL Must Reflect Reality in Their Names

Hilton Yip

The names of China Airlines and Chinese Professional Baseball League have cast a shadow on Taiwan's lauded Covid-19 response. It's time to change these names to reflect Taiwanese reality.


New Leader for Taiwan's China-Friendly Kuomintang Party Signals Change

Voice of America

Taiwan's main opposition party Kuomintang elected a reformist as leader as it considers pivoting from its China-leaning stance.

醫護界挺韓後援會成立 吳敦義站台

The KMT Party List Is an Insult to the Taiwanese Public

Louis Lo

The KMT's party list nominations for 2020 election are godawful and embarrassing.


OPINION: From 2014 Sunflowers to 2018's KMT 'Blue Wave,' the Youth Are Anxious

New Bloom

Last week's student protests at NTU against former Premier Jiang Yi-huah are a snapshot of Taiwan's current political moment.

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