Hou Proposes Full Healthcare Subsidies for Elderly Aged 65 and Above

TNL Staff

Minister of Health and Welfare Hsueh Jui-yuan expressed concerns about budgeting and the potential generational wealth gap brought by KMT presidential candidate Hou You-yi’s newly proposed healthcare policy.


KMT Presidential Candidate Hou You-Yi Vows To Restore 4 Month Military Service if Elected

TNL Staff

Following controversy over national security concerns, Hou You-Yi clarified that he would restore the four-month military service given that there is “stability” and “peace” in the Taiwan Strait.


Is Taiwan’s Solidarity With Ukraine Taking Root?

Bryan Chou

Since the day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, crowds have gathered every day in front of the office of the de facto Russian embassy.


On Taiwan’s Mount Zion, Memories of KMT Oppression Are Essential To Religious Mythology

Jordyn Haime

Mount Zion, a Protestant pilgrimage site and religious community of around 300 deep in the mountains of southern Taiwan, has an origin story deeply entangled with history and politics.


The Diplomatic Struggle Over Taiwan’s Name in the Olympics

Global Voices

The Taiwanese team can only compete under the name of Chinese Taipei in the Games. Some are trying to change that.


Jaw Shaw-Kong Wants To Make the Kuomintang Great Again. Can He?

Hiro Fu

Jaw has emerged as the latest figure touted as a savior of the KMT. There are good reasons to be skeptical.


KMT Reversal Prompts Fresh Chinese War Threat Against Taiwan

Voice of America

The Kuomintang has urged the government to actively pursue restoration of formal diplomatic ties with Washington, eliciting a bellicose response from Chinese state media.


Lee Teng-hui's Complicated Legacy Spans a Century of Taiwanese History

Brian Hioe

Like the history of Taiwan, Lee Teng-hui's life went through several political and ideological twists and turns. But the only thing that remained consistent was his advocacy of Taiwanese sovereignty.


Chen Chu Confirmed as Head of Control Yuan Amid Lawmaker Brawl

TNL Staff

Taiwan's legislature approved the appointment of Chen Chu as the head of the Control Yuan despite a rather chaotic morning.


Should Taiwan Abolish Its Control Yuan and Examination Yuan?

Syrena Lin

Taiwan's political parties have long called for the abolition of the Control Yuan and Examination Yuan. What purposes do these two government branches actually serve?

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