Is US–China Decoupling Heading in a Dangerous Direction?

East Asia Forum

The U.S.-China economic ties are decoupling in the aspect of technology, with trade-war tariffs and escalating investment restrictions imposed from both sides.


Europe Frets over Impact of Chinese Money

The Interpreter

One Belt One Road is coming to Europe, but reactions to the infrastructure spending are mixed across the continent.


What Gives with Taiwan's Low Wages?

Stagnant industry, falling investment, overly academic graduates and fiercer global competition are just a handful of the reasons why wages in Taiwan suck.


Should the Five Eyes Coordinate on Chinese Tech Investment?

John Hemmings

We need to be realistic about Beijing’s own industrial goals and objectives and the nature of its investment strategy, writes John Hemmings.


Vietnam is Churning Out 300 New Startups a Day

Linh Tong

Vietnam has seen almost 40,000 new startups with a total registered investment of US$17 billion in the first four months of 2017 alone.


The Politics of Chinese Real Estate Investment in Sydney

The result of our survey is that Sydneysiders have strong views about Chinese investment, despite the absence of reliable, fine-grained empirical data about their motivations and impacts.


Is Australian Sovereignty at Risk amid Torrent of Chinese Investment?

Australian exposure to Chinese investment is in actual fact limited and that Australian government and authorities have not hesitated to act in cases where Chinese investment have raised national security concerns.


Stark Reality: Singaporeans Waking from the Housing Dream

Roy Ngerng

[OPINION] How Singapore's pension-housing financing model squeezes its citizens.


What To Do When China Comes Calling: Sizing Up Foreign Direct Investment

Ping Deng

When analyzing future Chinese investment, we need to recognize these inter-dependencies and the possible synergies and conflicts between them.

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