Taipei Film Festival


Only Taiwan Could Make ‘Eye of the Storm’

CJ Sheu

Despite some unconvincing contrivances, Eye of the Storm powerfully evokes the dread and uncertainty of the early days of a communicable viral outbreak.

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‘In Water’ Waits for the Art

CJ Sheu

Through blurred focus, director Hong Sang-soo shows how the immature work of a nascent artist can have a charm all its own.

金馬57 盧廣仲陳昊森視訊連線演出

‘Your Name’ First Gay Film in Taiwan To Earn NT$100 Million

Rath Wang

Earning NT$100 million is not just a reflection of the movie's individual success. It will lay the foundation for more films that bring LGBT+ topics mainstream in Taiwan.


Tsai Ming-liang's 'Days': A Diary of Connection and Loneliness

CJ Sheu

Tsai Ming-liang's new film 'Days' makes us nostalgic for a time when loneliness and alienation had a romantic tinge.


FILM REVIEW: 'The Missing Body Episode 1' and the Future of Taiwanese VR Cinema

CJ Sheu

A review of the VR film The Missing Body Episode 1, featured in the 2019 Taipei Film Festival.


Taipei Film Festival Mixing It Up With Bowie, Hitchcock, and Léaud

Olivia Yang

A prominent venue for the premiering and screening of emerging Asian films, this year's Taipei Film Festival features a series of global icons from the movie industry.

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