Taiwan cinema


Taiwan Cinema Through the Lens of Wei Te-sheng

Taiwan Insight

A new book charts the blossoming of Taiwan's cinema from the dawn of the democratic era to the present day.


FEATURE: Small Town Taiwan to Hollywood: Xiluo Theater and the Lin Family Odyssey

James Baron

An abandoned Japanese-era theater has a curious connection to the global film industry.


Why Anyone Who Cares About Taiwan Should Watch 'A City of Sadness'

Cinema Escapist

'A City of Sadness' is not only one of Taiwan's most renowned films, but also a great way to learn about the island.


Taiwanese Cinematographer First Asian to Hold Retrospective at MoMA

Olivia Yang

MoMA will screen 15 films shot by award-winning cinematographer Mark Lee Ping-bing in Lee’s first American retrospective in his 30-year career.

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