Eyes on the Spies in Thailand: New CIA Files Released

Andrew MacGregor Marshall

Andrew MacGregor Marshall gives his overview of some of the CIA files on Thailand that have now been declassified and made widely available to the public for the first time. From tales of tantrums and toilet breaks to kingly admissions of involvement in coups, it makes for eye-opening reading.


The River: China, Taiwan and Hong Kong

Chublic Opinion

The River: why Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China can't step into the same river of history.


Forgotten Hero: Remembering Sun Li-jen

James Baron

'Indeed, dashing, brave and a natural leader of men, Sun was an immediate favorite with the British and the Americans, and one of the few Chinese commanders that the Allies saw as tactically adept. It was for these reasons that MacArthur, Rusk et al promoted Sun as the only way of staving off disaster in Taiwan.'


What is Zhao Ziyang’s Legacy?

David Shambaugh

The former Chinese Communist Party Secretary's vision for China and its relevance endures today and into the future.


[BOOK REVIEW] Middle Kingdom and Empire of the Rising Sun

Edward Friedman

'Understanding relations between these two major economies requires consideration of many centuries of history.' A review of June Teufel Dreyer's 'Middle Kingdom and Empire of the Rising Sun: Sino-Japanese Relations, Past and Present.'


Akihito: A Challenge for Japan's Nationalists

Rikki Kersten

'Some analysts argue that Akihito has spent his 28-year reign atoning for the war that was waged in his father Hirohito’s name.'


Is Taiwan Heading into a Legal Nightmare Over the KMT’s Assets?

Edward White

The KMT’s ill-gotten assets may be difficult to reclaim if they have changed hands over the years, a London-based lawyer says.


Chimei Museum’s Violins and Tools of Violence

Steven Crook

Industrialist Shi Wen-long shares his eclectic and fascinating collection of art and artifacts through his private museum.


Netizens Unimpressed as Ma Meddles in Cross-Strait Affairs

ZiQing Low

Former president Ma riled Taiwanese netizens today after saying that Taiwan and China should share historical records on the Second Sino-Japanese War.

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