Airbrushing Taiwan’s History: Can Japanese Colonialism Ever Be Justified?

James Baron

'Amazingly,' wrote Kaori Shoji, 'Taiwan is the one country where the Japanese imperialists managed to do more good than harm.'


Chinese Lawmakers Seek to Protect Dead Communist Heroes With New Law

Jack Hu

The new 'hero law' could have a chilling effect on academic inquiry in China.


Troubled Waters: China Seeks Return to Vassal States in the South China Sea

Daniel Wei Boon Chua

A look at how China's past affects its current stance on maritime disputes in the South China Sea.


Ghosts of the Stronato: Asunción's Taiwanese Expats a Dying Breed

James Baron

In 1986 the Taiwan leader was granted his own effigy in Paraguay's capital. But what of Taiwan's expats in Paraguay today?


Pizza Hut and Politics Detract from Somber Day in Taiwan

TNL Staff

For many in Taiwan, February 28 is a day to reflect on the country’s brutal history, but the somber occasion has been marred by distractions this year.


Why Singapore Changed the Name of the New World War II Exhibition

Mong Palatino

Many felt the name was an insult to thousands who suffered during the Japanese occupation.


Odd Couple: Fuxing's Flak Towers Provide Blast from Taiwan's Past

James Baron

While the towers are unlikely to scoop an award for aesthetics, they provide a glimpse of a period of Taiwan's modern history that, like their embrasures, expands to offer a macroscopic view when probed.    


Lifting the Shadows on a Secret War

Hunter Marston

BOOK REVIEW: Joshua Kurlantzick's 'A Great Place to Have a War: America in Laos and the Birth of a Military CIA' (New York, New York: Simon & Schuster, 2017), reviewed by Hunter Marston.

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