Taiwan independence


Election Frontrunner VP Lai: No Framework for Taiwan’s ‘Formal Independence’

TNL Staff

Lai reiterated that there is no framework nor roadmap for “formal independence” as Taiwan is a “sovereign, independent country” itself.


Taiwan’s Bird Conservation Group Expelled From BirdLife International

TNL Staff

Taiwan's Chinese Wild Bird Federation declined demands to change its name and sign a statement "not to promote or advocate for Taiwan independence."


Tsai Ing-wen's Battle to Quell DPP Factionalism Is Not Over Yet

The Interpreter

Despite the ascendance of Tsai ally Cho Jung-tai to DPP chair, the president still presides over a house divided.


Democracy or Dictatorship? The Taiwanese Opinion Trends Nobody's Talking About

Asia Dialogue

Surveys show Taiwanese voters increasingly support dictatorship while rejecting democracy and independence.


'Make China Lose Again': Taiwan Gets Love From the Polish Far-Right

New Bloom

Premier William Lai's decision to comment favorably on a pro-Taiwan video by a Polish fringe far-right group might not have been the best idea.

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