China Rehearses Taiwan Blockade as US Deploys Destroyer

Deutsche Welle

Military drills close to Taiwan have continued for a third day as Chinese forces carried out simulated aerial and naval blockades.


Chinese Warplanes Overhead Taiwan (Or Maybe Not)

The Interpreter

Multi-aircraft flights – some at night – signal a growing sophistication. But there are still limits.


China Is Increasing Taiwan Airspace Incursions

Voice of America

By making near-daily incursions, experts say China is normalizing its aggression and militarization.


ANALYSIS: The Difficult Truth About Sustainability and Bio-Plastics

Nate Maynard

The world is rushing towards embracing bio-plastics because they sound like a nice alternative to banned single-use plastics, but the truth is that in most cases bio-plastics are not biodegradable.


Macau Elections Suggest Lessons for Hong Kong

Suzanne Pepper

Recent election results from Macau, itself a special administrative region of China like Hong Kong, showed an upswell in support for pro-democracy, anti-establishment candidates.


How to Respond to Chinese Spy Ships

Sam Bateman

While it’s fair to describe the deployment of the Chinese ‘spy ship’ to Australia’s EEZ as unfriendly, other factors should be considered before considering what it means for Australian policy


PLA Swarms at War: Chinese Advances in Swarm Intelligence

Elsa Kania

PLA strategists expect that future, autonomous combat involving unmanned systems, as well as the joint operations of unmanned and manned systems, will have a dramatic impact on traditional operational models.

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