China Lifts Group Travel Bans on 78 More Countries, Excludes Taiwan

TNL Staff

China ends its Covid-era’s ban on group travels except Taiwan. The Mainland Affairs Council has expressed its concern over the non-reciprocal act.

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China and Wagner in Africa: Friends or Foes?

Voice of America

As Russian military troop Wagner Group sets in and supports the local junta, China faces a complex position - their economic projects may steadily reap with Russia’s security control or become diluted in competition.


Taiwan Army Major Detained as More Alleged Spy Cases Roll Out

TNL Staff

A row of seven defendants have been accused of collaborating in spying activities for China.


LinkedIn Shuts Down InCareer, Its App for China

Voice of America

Seven years after entering China, the US-based LinkedIn shut down its China-focused job application, marking the exit of the last Western social media network to cease running in China.

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On the 70th Anniversary of Korean Armistice: Assessing the North Korea Threat

Antonio Graceffo

North Korea poses a significant cyber threat to the United States with its espionage cyber programs and attack systems, while it also remains a potential catalyst for conflict in the world, aided by China’s powerful arms support.

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Climate Change Threatens China’s Rice Bowl

East Asia Forum

Facing increasing threats from climate change, China needs to strike the right balance between boosting domestic grain production and water security.


Critics: Japan Former PM’s Three-Day Visit to Taiwan Might Dissatisfy China

TNL Staff

Critics say that Taro Aso's three-day visit to Taiwan might displease China, particularly with the “woof-warrior” styled Wang Yi now serving as the Foreign Minister.


Unhealthy Prospects for US–China Competition

East Asia Forum

Beijing relies on state intervention to ensure that foreign competition does not erode the competitiveness of state-owned enterprises, which is in conflict with U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen's proposal of “healthy competition.”


Top China Official Visits Pakistan, Marking Economic Corridor Milestone

Voice of America

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, introduced in July 2013, aims at giving landlocked China the access to international markets through the Gwadar port, but some critics say it has contributed to Pakistan's economic troubles domestically.

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Morrison Li Reveals His Life During the Years of Imprisonment and Ban From Leaving China

TNL Staff

Morrison Lee, the Taiwanese businessman accused by China for being “a spy”, revealed that he had been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), during the long years of detention in China.

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