Pope Francis Kicks off First Trip to Mongolia

Deutsche Welle

Pope Francis arrived in Mongolia for his first trip to the predominantly Buddhist country, showing support for the smallest Catholic community in the world and maintaining a presence between China and Russia.


India Protests Chinese Map Claiming Disputed Territories

Voice of America

India has lodged a strong protest with China after Beijing released a map showing disputed territory as Chinese territory.


China’s Economy Sputters, Unattractive to Foreign Investors

Antonio Graceffo

China’s economic indicators, including skyrocketing youth unemployment and declining GDP growth, are causing foreign companies and investors to lose interest.

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Anti-Japan Sentiment Grows in China Following Fukushima Water Release

Voice of America

China experiences a surge in public outrage towards Japan following the release of treated radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant.


The Errors of Nato’s East Asia Engagement

East Asia Forum

NATO's engagement in East Asia to counter China's influence is seen as a misguided and potentially dangerous strategy that could increase tensions and bind China and Russia together.


‘Partner, Competitor, and Systemic Rival’: EU’s Strategical Ambiguity On China

Tatiana Van den Haute

The European Union maintains a strategical relationship of “ambiguity” with China, in order to retain trade deals and diplomacy with China while staying aligned with Western democratic values.


How China Shapes “Narratives” as Opinion Warfare Tactic During VP Lai’s Trip to Paraguay

TNL Staff

Analyst explains how China shapes “narratives” as a tactic to inflame Taiwan locals’ sentiments during VP Lai's visit to Paraguay, and possibly, in Taiwan's 2024 Presidential Election as well.


Analysts: Chinese Military Drills Serve as Warning to Taiwan, Response to Camp David Summit

Voice of America

Apart from reacting to Taiwan VP William Lai's transit in the U.S., analysts believe the drills are also a warning to the U.S., Japan, and South Korea following their military cooperation at the Camp David Summit.


Activists Cite Increasing Arrests of Uyghurs With Turkish Connections

Voice of America

Turkey has long served as a refuge for Uyghur exiles, but recently there has been increasing arrests aimed at those who pursue further studies there.


‘Love Letter’ From Australian Journalist Jailed in China

Voice of America

“I haven't seen a tree in three years,” said Cheng Lei, the Australian journalist who has been detained in China for three years, in a letter to the people in her home country.

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