China Hosts Rare Counterterrorism Talks With Iran, Pakistan

Voice of America

China has boosted economic collaboration with Iran. The countries signed a 25-year strategic partnership agreement in March 2021. However, according to Iranian officials, the document contained no specific commitments on investment or security.


US, Chinese Warships’ Near Miss in Taiwan Strait Hints at Ongoing Troubled Diplomatic Waters, Despite Chatter About Talks

The Conversation

It was the second near miss in the space of just a few weeks. In late May, a Chinese plane crossed in front of an American surveillance aircraft above the South China Sea.


Fiji Revaluating Ties With China, Main US Indo-Pacific Rival

Voice of America

“If our systems and our values differ, what cooperation can we get from them?” the Fijian Prime Minister said, referring to China.


Germany Fears Ex-Pilots Share Secrets With China

Deutsche Welle

Retired German air force pilots have taken their skills to China. The defense minister wants to stop the practice.


China’s Latest Covid Wave May Hit 65 Million a Week With Mild Symptoms

Voice of America

The latest Covid wave is something most people do not take seriously, said Mr. Lin, who requested anonymity due to the sensitivity of the issue. The resident of Quanzhou in Fujian province said, “They go about their activities normally and don’t do any protection. No one wears masks.”


China’s Strong-Arming Won’t Work in Marcos’ Philippines

East Asia Forum

China lost sight that the Philippines — like many ASEAN countries — is a post-colonial state, sensitive to the raw ambition of superpowers to dominate and bend them against their will. Beijing overlooked the determination of many domestic actors in these countries to defend their national interest.


The Czech Republic Leads on Taiwan, but the EU Won’t Follow

East Asia Forum

While the EU and its member states are changing their approach toward Taiwan, the level of Czech engagement likely will remain unmatched.


Tiananmen Square: Taiwan Hopes for Future ‘Without Fear’

Deutsche Welle

On the 34th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square crackdown, President Tsai voiced hope that China’s youth will soon be able to freely express themselves. More than 20 people were detained at a vigil in Hong Kong.


No Timeline Set for Writing US Rules on Certain Investment to China

Voice of America

Both Washington and Beijing appear keen for ties to improve ahead of the Asia Pacific Economic Forum that Biden is set to host in San Francisco in November. Chinese President Xi Jinping reportedly wants to attend.

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