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Italy Tells China It's Leaving Belt and Road Initiative

Voice of America

Italy becomes first country to exit China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) since its launch in 2013. Rome cites lack of economic benefits and concerns over Chinese influence.


Vietnam’s Upgraded Ties With Japan ‘Do Not Bode Well’ for China

Voice of America

Vietnam and Japan have elevated their relationship to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, expanding cooperation in trade, climate change, and the economy.


China’s Third Plenum Delay in ‘Uncharted Territory’

Voice of America

Chinese President Xi Jinping is facing a number of economic challenges, including a real estate crisis, record-high youth unemployment, and a deepening crisis of confidence among consumers and investors.


Everyone Wins With Better Asian AI governance

East Asia Forum

The concentration of power over AI inputs, the tendency of governments to localize and protect key digital assets, and the systematic exclusion of certain groups from accessing the benefits of AI systems are some of the key challenges to effective AI governance in Asia.


The Biden-Xi Summit Through Kissinger’s Lens

Ian Murphy

The Biden-Xi summit at APEC yielded concrete outcomes, including curbing the fentanyl trade, restoring military-to-military communication channels, and launching dialogues on AI governance and climate change.


China Wants to Strengthen Supply Chains Even as Foreign Investors Flee

Voice of America

China says it wants to strengthen supply chains with all countries, but the exodus of foreign companies from China and declining investment point to an increasingly hostile environment for foreign businesses in the country.


Q&A: Israel’s Ambassador Says China’s Online Antisemitism Part of Global Phenomenon

Voice of America

China's stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict has been a topic of discussion in recent years, with some arguing that the country has been sympathetic to the Palestinian cause.

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What Can Taiwan Learn From Ukraine? Interview With Disinformation and Civil Defense Expert Puma Shen

Global Voices

Strengthening Ukraine-Taiwan relations can be done by providing components for military equipment, refuting global rumors, and learning from China’s experience.


South Korea Frees Watercraft-Riding Dissident — for Now

Voice of America

Chinese dissident Kwon Pyong, who fled to South Korea on a watercraft, has been released after 3 months in detention.


Taiwan Farmers, Candidates Feel Effects of China's Limit on Fruit Exports

Voice of America

China’s import bans on Taiwanese fruits, are seen as a way to influence Taiwan’s presidential election, with the local farmers want whichever party wins to help them sell their crops at a profit.

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