A Leaked Report Exposes Government’s Cover-up of Repressions Against Uyghurs in China

Global Voices

Following the leak, the local government in Xinjiang launched an investigation into all families known to have foreign connection.


CCP Crackdown Spooks Entrepreneurs

East Asia Forum

Due to state intervention, entrepreneurs are losing confidence in China’s future, with some choosing to move abroad temporarily or for good.


Does China Wield Excessive Influence in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank?

The Interpreter

The resignation of Bob Pickard, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank’s global communications director has put a spotlight on the functions of Beijing’s brainchild.


Even Now, Standing Supreme, Xi Has Limits to His Power

The Interpreter

The very loyalists that have facilitated Xi Jinping’s rise could yet provide a constraint to his ambition.


China Faces Grim Economic Prospects, Experts Say

Voice of America

Analysts say the slowdown is attributable not only to China’s Covid policies but also to a crackdown on private enterprise, especially in the technology sector.


An Alternative Reading of PRC History: ‘Revolution and Counterrevolution in China’

Xiaochen Su

‘Revolution and Counterrevolution’ makes a powerful argument against the tendency to see 1978 as a concrete dividing line between two different Chinas.


OPINION: What the Chinese Communist Party Fears Most

TJ Ting

The CCP’s internet control is not about fear of the truth being exposed. Their control is more properly understood as a display of power. And what they fear the most is people not believing this power exists.


OPINION: China's New 'Softy Power' Could Spell Trouble for Taiwan

James Baron

Chinese emissaries are emerging as world leaders in the field of simulated falling down and whinging.


INFOGRAPHIC: How Taiwan's Presidents Speak About Taiwan and China

If Lin

Taiwan’s leaders have bounced between terms when referring to Taiwan and China, with Tsai Ing-wen notably abandoning the usual lexicon.


CARTOON: All Hail Emperor Xi

Stellina Chen

All bets are off now China President Xi Jinping has no limit to his time in power.

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