In the Age of Digital Streaming, Will Literature Survive?

CJ Sheu

How to learn to stop worrying and love the literature of our new streaming-centric life.

a man wearing a suit reading a book

Translation Wages in China Affecting the Popularity of Foreign Classics

Yao Liqing

China’s translators are severely underpaid, and the proof is in the print.


BOOK REVIEW: 'Dear Hong Kong: An Elegy to a City'

Dinah Gardner

'Dear Hong Kong: An Elegy for a City' spans five decades, two husbands, a dozen other lovers, a handover to the Motherland, the dementia of the author's mother and the death of her father.


The Power Couple of Vietnam's 1980s Literary Scene


Luu Quang Vu and Xuan Quynh’s death was something of a national tragedy in the late 1980s, but their legacy has lived on through their body of work and life stories.


Chinese Writers Capture Voices of the Corrupt

Li Hui

Nonfiction works like ‘Zhui Wen’ are challenging public perceptions of the graft by writing from the perspectives of the perpetrators.


Migrant Worker’s Essay Strikes Chord With Chinese Masses

Bibek Bhandari

A rural woman’s personal story of struggle and survival has made her an instant literary celebrity.


Constructive Criticism: Poets Give Voice to Migrant Struggles

Li Dajun

Working-class wordsmiths from China’s building sites are composing verse to air their grievances.


FEATURE: Taiwanese Literature Studies on the Brink

Yuan-ling Liang

As another university closes its department of Taiwanese literature, academics and students disagree on the reasons for its demise.

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