Putin and Xi Seek to Remake the World Order

Alexander Görlach

By taking Ukraine, Putin is attempting to annul universal values with “might makes right.”


India's Calculated Boycott of China's Belt and Road Forum

India is uneasy about Chinese designs for the region and how this challenges India’s own ‘neighborhood first’ approach.


No Taiwan Mention After Trump-Xi Summit as Focus Turns to Syria

TNL Staff

Ahead of the talks, while most Taiwan experts anticipated a benign outcome for Taiwan from the summit, few, given the Trump administration’s unpredictability, were willing to fully rule out the possibility of an unexpected statement or announcement.


How will Trump and Xi Approach Trade Issues?

David Dollar

The United States does not have much leverage to push China to open up.


How Can Xi Get Along with Trump?

Zha Daojiong

For the two countries then — and the wider Asia Pacific region — an un-eventful meet-up is going to be a successful one.


How will Xi Shake Up the CCP?

Dong Dong Zhang

The scale of change in the CCP leadership and its importance can’t be overstated.

川普 蔡英文 川蔡

OPINION: 'One China' Dead Before Trump-Tsai Call

David Prentice

Beijing doesn’t see the irony in the fact that when Xi met Ma in Singapore last year, the Chinese president was practically accepting that “one China” as a common goal was as good as dead.

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