Biden’s Call To Expand UNSC Membership Likely To Go Unheeded

Voice of America

U.S. President Joe Biden has reiterated his call for an expansion of the United Nations Security Council during his speech at the U.N. General Assembly. He emphasized the need for more voices and perspectives at the table to break the gridlock that often hampers progress and consensus.


Malaysia's Real Political Struggle Is Just Beginning

The Conversation

The election went smoothly, but the political forecast looks rough.


Expect No Surprises in China's 'New Era' Economic Policy

Hui Feng and Stephen Bell

Stability and redistribution will be the watchwords of the Xi administrations economic policy as China strives to achieve its goal of becoming a "moderately prosperous society" by 2021.


Chinese Netizens, Sports Administrators and the Undoing of a Ping Pong Hero

Chublic Opinion

'It soon became clear that this was not a scheduling error, but an open revolt unprecedented in the history of Chinese Ping Pong.' Another strange happening on the Chinese Internet, unpacked by Chublic Opinion.

Control saline drip for patient

Can Tax Breaks Boost Private Health Insurance in China?

Ni Dandan

National tax incentives have produced a surge in inquiries, but eligible policies hold little appeal for most individuals.


Japan's Slow March Back to State Control

Toshiya Takahashi

Japan’s constitutional revision debate masks silent state control, writes Toshiya Takahashi.


From Fiction to Reality: Universal Basic Income Gaining Traction in Asia

David Green

The idea is gathering global popularity after a landmark trial in India showed a basic income of as little as US$5 per month had a powerfully positive effect on health, community action and investment decisions in target communities.


China and 'Banking on Growth Models'

Hui Feng and Stephen Bell

The key problem with China’s state capitalism is that it misallocates capital, is increasingly dysfunctional and is under-allocating credit to the private and household sectors.


Crony Capitalism and Fragmented Authoritarianism in China’s SOE Reforms

Paul Hubbard

‘Fragmented authoritarianism’ and state ownership in China.

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