Why Does India Have So Few Organ Donors?

Deutsche Welle

India has one of the world’s lowest rates of organ donation and lags far behind the rest of the globe. Experts believe that significant changes are needed to increase the donor rate in the South Asian nation.


With Vaccines in Hand, What’s Next for Taiwan’s Covid-19 Response?

Patrick Ng

Patrick Ng speaks on what may be the final stages of Taiwan’s pandemic response — and how the healthcare system will be irrevocably changed.


Health Care for All: The Good & Not-So-Great of Taiwan's Universal Coverage

Siok Hui Leong

Taiwan’s health care system is often measured against the world’s best. But is this model of accessible and ‘cheap’ health care viable in the long run?


Tough Pill to Swallow: Why Singapore’s Healthcare Model Should Not Be Followed

Roy Ngerng

[OPINION] Singapore’s healthcare system has become unnecessarily complicated but it can be reformed to provide more equitable healthcare and give its citizens peace of mind.


Will Healthcare Bankrupt Taiwan?

Tim Ferry

Taiwan’s population is rapidly aging, challenging its vaunted healthcare system to continue supplying quality, affordable healthcare to all citizens.


The Legacy of Taiwan's 'Little Light Bulb'

Edward White

What has Taiwan learned about its mental health system after the murder of a four-year-old last year?


Sports Medicine in Taiwan Below Par: Experts

Timothy Ferry

Do Taiwanese have access to proven treatments for injuries? Unfortunately no, according to medical experts.


Taipei Boosts Mental Health Services for Men

Yuan-ling Liang

Amid rising concerns over the rate of male suicide in Taiwan and years of neglect, a service center for men’s mental health has been established in Taipei.

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